About Us

1.   Who are we?

  • The full name is “National Association for Firefighters’ Rights(NAFR) “, which is composed of grass-roots firefighter organizations in various counties and cities. problem.

2.  Purpose of the Association:

  • Safeguard the working rights of firefighters and strive for a safe and reasonable working environment.
  • Assist firefighters to face the difficulties of work and life.
  • Promote the recommendations of fire protection policy to ensure the implementation of the three major tasks of fire protection.
  • Various seminars were held to raise the awareness of firefighters’ work rights.
  • Publish fire-fighting publications, statute series and information manuals to raise public awareness of fire-fighting work and related rights and interests.
  • Handle joint activities of firefighters, family members and citizens to promote dialogue and communication between different groups.
  • Pay attention to the various rights and interests of social life outside the firefighters’ work rights.